For Brixon, ethical manufacturing means ensuring that all our manufacturing partners have responsible health, safety and labour practices.

Ethical fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. From small start-up companies to major corporations, many brands are embracing good ethical practices. But, while a brand may have great morals and make brilliant ethical policies, it's also important to look all the way down the supply chain.

From sourcing fabrics to sewing the last stitch, manufacturers are responsible for the product before it even hits the store. Brixon takes this responsibility seriously, and is committed to ensuring that all its manufacturing partners meet the necessary criteria to reflect brands' ethical standards.

Brixon seeks to conduct its business to the highest possible ethical standards and will only work with suppliers who take this responsibility as seriously as we do.

Along with our focus on sustainability, we also place a focus on ensuring that workers are given decent working conditions and fair trade - we hope that this provides a positive environment for the local communities, improves health standards for families and creates education opportunities for their children.

All our factories have one or more of these certifications: